Alex plays on a custom 5-string satin finish Sadowsky bass.  It's powerful, precise, and beautiful.  Roger Sadowsky started making instruments in the 70s and is now one of the most respected instrument makers in the world, and that makes Alex feel extra cool on stage, which translates to making the band sound even more cool.  Check them out at

​​​original chamber rock

Danny bangs on a custom 7drums kit while sitting on a Motion-Pro Drum Throne and looking cool.  The kit has pearly blue and white finish with great resonance.  The drum throne keeps his behind happy, which keeps him happy... which keeps everyone happy.  They both have a full array of products and you can check them out at and

Maddy plays a 5-string NXT cello by NS (Ned Steinberger) Design.  It looks and sounds amazing, and perhaps just as importantly for Maddy, it allows her to dance around on stage like the rest of the band.  They have a full line-up of string instruments that also includes violins, violas, and bases.  Check them out at

Mystery Loves Company

Carlos performs on a Pro Series Traveler, which is light, full-scale, stays in tune, and sounds incredibly acoustic.  It breaks down and packs in a bag no bigger than a ukulele, and the neck has a strap that hangs easily on any mic stand, so very little gear is needed.  They have acoustic, electrics, hybrids, and even basses.  Check them out at